“No man has the right to dictate what other men should perceive, create or produce,

but all should be encouraged to reveal themselves,

their perception and emotions,

and to build confidence in the creative sprit”

- ansel adams


I am delighted to announce that I am now offering coaching session for photographers that wish to build or update their portfolio.  After years of trial and errors and finding the right style for me.  I now want to share what I’ve learned and found most valuable to others.

I will show you how I work and achieve the natural soft results that you see in my photographs. Also included is a photoshoot that is tailored to your portfolio building needs.

Investment starts at £350

If you would like book a one to one portfolio building coaching session with me or for further information, please get in touch.

Rachel & Philipp | Battersea Park Engagement

This pre wedding shoot took place on a beautiful, but cold day in Battersea Park, which is where Rachel and Philipp often go jogging together.  Originally both from Switzerland and school sweethearts, they both moved to battersea to start a new chapter in their lives together.  Although Philipp decided to whisk Rachel to Iceland to propose, (which didn’t go to plan!) Battersea Park holds some beautiful memories for them, so it seemed fitting to have their session there.

It was truly wonderful to capture Rachel & Philipp and create beautiful photographs of them celebrating their love and happiness with each other, they were utterly adorable and I can’t wait for their wedding later this year…..

Julia & Rob | Preston Court Wedding

Julia and James’s laidback attitude made this a wonderful wedding to shoot. The wedding truly reflected who they are as a couple: happy, fun and relaxed. Julia and James glowed all day long radiating love and happiness.

From the first time I met Julia and James, it was clear they had something really special together. James, after sitting on the beach in Whitstable for hours with Julia, finally proposed, just as Julia thought he never would! Together they planned a relaxed wedding, making it their own by ditching formalities that weren’t meaningful to them.

Although their wedding was on one of the coldest days, the end result was one beautiful fun filled wedding, which was an amazing celebration to be a part of, and I wish you both a truly wonderful life together! 

Credits: Reception Venue: Preston Court;  Shoes: Ted Baker; Make Up: Louise Bonci


Bride Tips – Getting Ready

Getting ready is a really beautiful time and in my opinion, it’s when some of the most divine photo moments happen.  There is so much anticipation and excitement as the girls have their hair and makeup done, whilst sipping their champagne and sharing stories.  Emotions are high with your bridesmaids full of joy and your mum tearing up!

In order for things to go smoothly here are some suggestions.

If their are a few ladies getting hair and makeup done, I suggest being second to last.  That way your photographer can capture the pretty final touches.  However, make sure your not last!  You will need to leave plenty of time for getting into your wedding dress before your photographer leaves for the ceremony.  By not having your hair and makeup applied first, it also free’s your photographer up beforehand to capture all the details like the dresses, shoes, bouquets etc as well as documenting some of the environment/atmosphere.

I always suggest wearing something nice when not in your wedding dress, like a pretty camisole or silky dressing gown.  It will make a difference in your photograph’s.

Allow plenty of time!  If you and a few ladies are having professional hair and makeup (always recommended) bear in mind that this can over run.  Having good time, will mean no stress!

When planning your wedding, think about where you will be getting ready and how big your bridal party is.  Lots of natural light and space is perfect for your photographer.  If you are getting ready in a hotel, ask for the lightest room.  Don’t worry too much though, most photographers will find the best light in the room and with permission will tidy/declutter and move items/furniture to create space.

Your photographer will photograph your dress, so it’s a good idea to have a pretty wooden or fabric hanger.

Claire Graham Photography_Gemma&James-225